Victorinox Production 2011 English

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managarm1349 says:

victorinox is great, love em

niku008 says:

wonderful !!! i love this piece of art !!! victorinox is the best !!!

meuberepic says:

you cant have it in carry on luggage. you cant even bring water from your house because it might be an accelerant. its just not a good idea to have anything that can be perceived as a weapon in an airport, even an edged tool like a SAK. bringing it across a border checkpoint in a car is probably OK though.

welshknifenut says:

i didn’t offend you did i? but i herd that you can take swiss army knives in air posts of a friend who took his to spain with him.

meuberepic says:

you can bring them in your checked luggage, not carry on (ya fuck you ossama). just remember air-sec will check inside the luggage to see if it isn’t an auto SAK or some wackey grav knife.

TheLuigiadrian says:

After the 9/11 incident,Victorinox was going to bankcrupt because of making small knives that were possibly transported without knowing,so you are not allowed to have one of these at a plane,only special maked pocket knives(also made by Victorinox)

42meaning says:

The secret to their success? Sustained quality.

welshknifenut says:

are you telling me that you can take a swiss army knife through air port customs?

msalahnasr says:

Great company

herostoryproductions says:

Great video. I’ve carried one since the 90’s. The customer service is top notch too. I think it’s about time I get a new one.


I have 5 victorinox knives two classics(black and translucent blue), a spartan(red), an escort(red) and a bantam(ecoline) and I’m looking forward to buy an victorinox flash drive can’t decide on the victorinox flash alox or the victorinox slim in orange alox!

dobermansnp says:

Great company, great product, lot of history!

GnaRocksTheWorld says:

Great Video! It would be better if you emphasized more on the hand-assembled Swisschamp.

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