Test Maya – Swiss knife

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First first test animation, after studying “Global illumination only” in Autodesk Maya.

Not much to say here either, except that it looks like your animation worked okay.


Kelvin Zero says:

Hi ! this problem may occur if you render your images in CMYK, or in a 32bit format. or if you try to include “alpha” in your rendering. Try looking into your “render settings -> common”, to see if the ALPHA option is checked or unchecked.

xanvinhduong says:

have a question

I was using mental ray to do batch rendering because I don’t want sharp edges; however, Premiere, After Effect, or Photoshop can’t recognize the tiff, targa, jpeg, or any other formats. thanks

Kelvin Zero says:

I’m not experienced enough with 3DS to say so. But,.. uh,.. thx for your comment ? >.<

ltschriscrucker says:

3ds max is better

Kelvin Zero says:

Thanks Spasticf!.. I don’t remember exactly how much time it took to render. But I remember thinking it took way more time than when I rendered 2D animation. Probably 2 minutes per frame.

Kelvin Zero says:

Thank you Flash.

flashfith says:

nice modeling

samuraimoose says:

never tried this but a Swiss army knife seems eaysh, compared to video games,  but id be DAMN proud if i could do this GOod job

overthehoop says:

people are so mean i use this software…it takes ages before u can do something like that…..get a life u losers…

CubworksLL says:

Does any one know were I can get the Victorinox camp flame

halomaster517 says:

i have the same knife cool

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