Build a Swiss Army Knife Victorinox

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We watch as they build a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in 10 minutes at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010 Victorinox Swiss Army Recognized across the glo…


Andres Anibal Nuñez Cuello says:

it is ok but bad focus..

Jacob Wiltsie says:

that would be awesome to build your own knife

aikido10 says:

I would love to make my own Victorinox. How cool is that

Ovi Haliuc says:

nice 🙂

wcropp1 says:

The price is pretty reasonable for the quality you get, IMO–though anything made in a Western nation is going to seem expensive compared to a developing-nation-produced counterpart.

wcropp1 says:

I always thought the Swiss Army Knives were a pretty good value, especially compared to most multi-tools. If you shop around you can often find them on clearance at your local big box store for dirt cheap. The tool selection is on-par with most other multi-tools–sure, customs would be great, but it’s going to raise cost. Some tools I find less useful than others, but that’s true of all tools–there are enough models that most ppl should be able to find one to suit them.

GearBuyersGuide says:

We only got to watch.. but it was cool to see it come together like that

Jesse Sisolack says:

Well that is rather awsome. Victorinox is a classic, and the chance to make your own is great.

dylbyl1234 says:

make 1 ur self and then give it away that would be a fun give away

usframe says:

that was different and fun to watch, thanks

XCritonX says:

If I was there I would buy a custom one. I could finally get exactly what I want.

Jrhoney says:

Oh that is so cool! I’ve never seen how they were made before.

ivageivage says:

wow i bet he will never let that knife go 🙂

cadrician says:

Very interesting! Lots job put behind those vid, great great job.

vertigoBE says:

Thats just awesome! 

FrontCortex says:


oneinter says:

Awesome I would love to create my own custom SAK.

demissie101 says:

cool thanks for the video

j10ac111 says:

want to build one for myself!

shaolinadr says:

There knifes are over priced and they never give you just the options you want until you buy an $120 knife and you get 10 extra things you dont want 🙁 no thanks

Lawrence Crecy says:

That is amazing! thanks for the vid GBG!

Richard J Danner says:

thats so cool…i bet Macgyver made his own also :p lol

Stefan Schmalhaus says:

I’d guess it was a gift.

MRdunxist says:

thats a good idea to have people make there own

ktaguchi says:

That’s cool!!Did they sell the finished product to the guy or did they just give it to the guy at the end of the video??

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