Durable Design: The Swiss Army Knifeswissnex San Francisco – swissnexThe objects we buy and use are made of a range of naturally occurring and manufactured materials. But in the last decade, there has been increased [More]
WOW! 500,000-Year-Old ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Sheds Light On Ancient Butchery
Mike “Aemka” Knobel presents SWISS ARTSY KNIFE – Full MovieJust like the famous Swiss Army Knife, Mike “aemka” Knobel is a jack of all trades and arguably the only snowboarder to single-handedly make an entire [More]
Swiss Army Knife Schweizer Armee Messer “Sackmesser” Mit diversen Funktionen: Messer Aale Nagelfeile Korkenzieher Flaschenöffner Büchsenöffner Schraubenziehe…
First first test animation, after studying “Global illumination only” in Autodesk Maya. Not much to say here either, except that it looks like your animation worked okay.
We watch as they build a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in 10 minutes at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010 Victorinox Swiss Army Recognized across the glo…
Silvan Lambrigger SKV Swiss Knife Valley Ski Team (Fördergruppe)
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TRF 235 (Stefanie Stretch, Andy Cutler, Lindsay Steinkamp, Elliott Regan). Three friends are lost in the woods and their lives are saved(?) due to the amazing attributes of a swiss army knife. A special thanks [More]
Wenger manufactures the famous Swiss Army Knife for more than 100 years. Wenger, maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, has now turned its hand to the other icon of Swiss craftsmanship: the Swiss watch.
Happy people chatting, riding through the Swiss country side
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In order to sharpen a Swiss army knife, one of two different types of sharpening stones can be used, and the different between the two is that one requires a bit of honing oil. Discover [More]
Im Talkessel Schwyz fand am Sonntag, 16. Mai, der erste Swiss Knife Valley Slow-up statt.
Attraktiver Seilpark oberhalb Küssnacht am Rigi. 2.5 km Parcours mit unterschiedlichen Schwierigskeitsstufen. Infos: www.swissknifevalley.ch
History of Victorinox from small business to an iconic brand. Discover here the amazing saga of Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. For more information, please connect to our website: www.victorinox.com.
Eine kurze Frühlingswanderung zum Guggeli (Pass).