Kalenda Maya (The first of May)

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Song by Raimbault de Vaqueiras, court musician (and also troubadour) of Marquis Bonifacio of Monferrato (referred to in the song as Lord Engles). It is a song of courtly love rather than of spring but it calls itself an “estampie” (a stamping song), so I suppose it is rather more “rustic” than the courtly songs of later times. It is performed here with David W Solomons singing countertenor, along with temple bells and various recorder and drum soundfonts. The translation from Provençal (ie old Occitan) is mine, using help from various sources. The images are taken from Wikimedia and include – with thanks to the various wikimedia providers – : Springtime – Alfred East [wikimedia user:Thyra] Springtime Claude Monet [wikimedia user:Rlbberlin] László Mednyánszky (1852-1919) Hillside at Springtime [wikimedia user:Pataki_Márta] Aegerisee [wikimedia user:Javier_Carro] The lady and the Unicorn [wikimedia user:Evening.star ] Flandrisk dam [wikimedia user:Lokal_Profil] Le petit messager – Charles Leandre [wikimedia user:Phbpub ] Tapisserie moyen-age dame licorne [Wikimedia User:Pierre-Emmanuel_Malissin ]


acerb45666555 says:

Find Simon D’Montfort’s old birth village up north and send the mayor 10,000 Occitan song’s! ……..Civilized revenge!!

grotenfrod1 says:

great! enjoyed it!

darexinfinity says:

What are you crazy.

It was obviously R&B.

dilyfily says:

This was the hip hop back in their day.

The7Jon says:

s yodo el temazo

aarasheed says:

It’s quite original…

fimoar says:

Molto bello!

Lauravispieres says:

Esto lo estoy dando yo en música v.v

tonnze says:

sopro,galubé e tamboril

korosuu says:

This is my babymakin’ music.

bumbumbum43 says:

hahahhahaaaaaaa !!

sarahdom26 says:


Christian Heisig says:

Prosit Neujahr 2010 Beatrice.

humanpersonguy says:

For Middle Age music, polyphony is used rather well I feel.

acidoacidoacido says:

sounds like music on a snes final fantasy haha

Totenklage2 says:

Yes, awesome.

sgAsMati says:

Calendimaggio, e nn c’è foglia di faggio nè canto d’uccello nè fior di giglio che mi piaccia o Madonna valente e gaia finchè nn abbia un messaggero snello dalla vostrapersona che mi tragga piacere novello ch’amor mi prepari e che mi porti gioia verso di voi donna sincera.
che calda intanto ferito di rabbia il geloso prima ch’io me ne tolga.

Marylittlemusic says:

Fantastico!! E’ da quando andavo alle medie che cerco questa versione di Kalenda Maia!!! 🙂

Mithra3712 says:

Très belle version avec de très jolies photos ! 🙂

Je pense personnellement que les gens du Moyen Âge devaient interpréter leurs chansons de façon assez “sauvage”. Ce n’est pas pour rien si le verbe “sauter” provient du latin “saltare”, qui signifiait… “danser en sautant” ! D’où le “saltarello”, etc.
A approfondir ! 😉

Joe Fielding says:

This totally brought me lots of happiness my friend. Such an amazing video with a beautiful Melodie and singing. This was magnificent. Have a great weekend my Friend. God bless you and your family.

treblechoir99 says:


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