Aegeri Biking (Switzerland)

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My “Home Run”… Us biking on the Aegeri Panoramaweg. Starts in Raten (Muetegg). Due to the image quality, the trail looks a lot less interesting and technical than it really is… the more camera shake, the more technical 🙂
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P.S: The Canyon Nerve AM 9.0 is a great trail bike! I would not buy a different bike, but be aware that Canyon’s service is not good…


Bjorn Borgers says:

Lol! Everbody has different tastes i guess… My solution: just mute the
video if you don’t like the music 😛 Thanks for the comment though!

Herby Dunkel says:

How is that bike performing uphills? I am trying to decide between the
Nerve AM and XC. The AM sure looks sweet but I am afraid that it’s not much
of a climber. Any comments are appreciated … thy!

Herby Dunkel says:

Thanks for the detailed response borgersbjorn! It helps me a lot in making
my decision.

Askrael says:

Hi Really nice Vid. BUT without this Music, it would be better ;).

Bjorn Borgers says:

@Bluefinger My pleasure

StopWIN says:

och leute lasst doch dieses Spandexzeuch

Bjorn Borgers says:

Cool! Kannst du gerne als “video response” posten.

Bjorn Borgers says:

@Bluefinger (READ FROM BOTTOM TO TOP) I rode on the XC, the LUX and the AM,
and for each year I rode a very comparable time, which indicated no real
significant difference in uphill performance – Oddly, I rode the worst time
on the LUX, but I don’t think I was having a great day… Dont
underestimate the comfort for the downhill – I was able to go a lot faster
on the AM, and feel a lot safer, which helped me feel fitter again…
Really, both bikes are good, but I would go for the AM… GOOD LUCK

Bjorn Borgers says:

@Bluefinger : I am very happy with the bike, and for my purposes it is
actually suprisingly good in uphills. I actually used to own an older Nerve
XC too, and I prefer the AM. The XC is less comfortable and has a more
stretched position, so feels less safe in the downhills, plus the Fox Talas
140mm suspension is ideal…

Collin Bos says:

man!!! live 10 minutes away from raten on the mountain in the Ägerital.
great movie!! ^^

Jason Stone says:

very cool – just did the same ride 2 weeks ago – very rooty and stony 🙂 at
the end i really wanted to do it all over again!!!

Bjorn Borgers says:

@Bluefinger : Yeah, I do think the XC might be better in uphill – the AM’s
heavier (but robuster) wheels and fat and grippy tires dont let it
accelerate as well, and slow it down on the road and easy terrain, but to
be honest, I dont think that matters all too much: I actually used to own a
LUX MR 9.0 SL (9.5kg) as well [yes I have had my fair share of Canyon
bikes], and I am happy that I have the AM instead. I the swiss bike masters
race for 3 consecutive years, each year on another bike…

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